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Nail stickers or nail art


Nail stickers or nail art

Nail decorations are very popular in this era. The hand is the second face of a woman. It is taken for granted to be beautiful. There are two ways to beautify nails. Which of these two is better?


In fact, no one is better. Everyone's positioning is different. Nail stickers are convenient. Nail stickers can be changed if you want. You can do it alone, and it is especially cheap. . Nail patches are colorless, odorless, and powder-free, and have almost no harm to the body and the nail bed.


Nails are different and have an expensive price, but the effect is indeed better than nail stickers. Nails can be done, but not often. Nails are occasionally good for nails. Certain injuries. Nail polish has a chemical called phthalate, and it is very high in content. It mainly softens. This substance enters the body through the respiratory system and skin, and if used too much, it increases the risk of breast cancer in women.