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What do you know about false eyelashes?


What do you know about false eyelashes?

The so-called female is a person who pleases herself, who doesn't want to show the best side in front of the person she likes?


More and more people are pursuing beauty, so their love for beauty is also increasing. Applying false eyelashes is one way.


So, as a beauty you, do you know the little knowledge of false eyelashes?


What is the effect of applying false eyelashes?


The little fairy with curled eyelashes is always enviable. In the entertainment circle, Kunling and Angela Baby are famous for their long eyelashes and big eyes. But as ordinary people, we can also enlarge our eyes by applying false eyelashes. But it is worth noting that when wearing false eyelashes, you must choose an eyelash sticker that suits your eye shape to fully enlarge your eyes. In just a few minutes I can become an eyelash monster!

Another important effect of false eyelash eye patch is to change the eye shape. Isn't it amazing? The principle is to correct the imperfect eye shape by using false cotton eyelashes with black cotton on the stem. This is the reason why many netizens like to use false eyelash stickers so much!

The last function of false eyelash stickers can make the facial features more three-dimensional. The shape of the eyelashes opening up will make the little fairy like a Barbie doll. Just like the actor in Rugao Biography is an eyelash essence. Although Huo Jianhua is male, his long and thick eyelashes make his features more three-dimensional, and his temperament becomes linger!