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Sandpaper is the most important raw material of nail file. The process classification of sandpaper directly determines the classification of nail file. At present, there are mainly three process classifications on the market: Korean process black sandpaper, Japanese process grey sandpaper and Chinese process colorful sandpaper. South Korean and Japanese sandpaper are thick and wear-resistant, but they can only be made into single color, and logo can be printed on the surface of sandpaper. The Chinese technology is divided into spraying sand technology and planting sand technology, both of which can break through the limitation of single color and make colorful nail files. Spraying Sand process is low cost, but it is very easy to fall sand. The cost of planting sand process is high, but the quality is close to that of South Korean process sandpaper, wear-resistant. Ziri Accessory (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. adopts the electrostatic suspension planting sand technology. The products are colorful, excellent quality, durable, wear-resistant and washable.