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What are the nail tools?


What are the nail tools?

Nail tools are non-disposable and must be sterilized before each use. Therefore, the size of the tool should be able to be put in a disinfectant container.


Crystal forceps: Use only when making crystal nails. Do not use fingernail forceps, otherwise it will easily cause the crystal nails to crack.


Nail clippers: mainly used to trim all types of nails, including crystal nails and natural nails.


Finger forceps: Used to cut off excess nail skin.


Plastic or bristle brushes: For cleaning nails and crystal nails during hand care.


Nail file: Used to trim the leading edge of natural nails.


Sand stick: for push fingers.


Scissors: Used for cutting fiber products such as nylon, silk and fiberglass nails.


Small tweezers: used to hold nail clips, diamonds, or nail clips for trimming