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How often does the nail art change?


How often does the nail art change?

Modern women are pursuing fashion. Not only hairstyles and clothing, but also nails have been added, which are integrated with clothing hairstyles to reflect personality. So how often do such things?


The growth cycle of nails under normal circumstances is an average of 0.1mm per day. Healthy and complete nails are usually trimmed once every 7-11 days, and it is recommended that they be trimmed no more than three weeks at most.

When the nail is injured or detached or removed due to other special circumstances, it takes about 100 days for the new nail to grow from the nail root to a completely normal shape. Therefore, if your nails are damaged or broken, it is best to do nail art after staying for 30 days; if your nails are severely removed, you need to stay for 100 days.


When the weather is hot, the skin needs heat to balance the body temperature. Covering the nails on the skin is equivalent to wearing a down jacket to put pressure on the skin. Wearing fake nails for a long time will increase the pressure on the nail skin, causing onychomycosis or other skin diseases. Therefore, under normal circumstances in summer, it is best not to make full-pattern nails, and only half-patterns or French styles, and the time should be removed within 15 days to allow the nails to breathe.


Nail art is beautiful, but do n’t damage the real nails because of the pursuit of beauty and fashion. It is possible to do nail art reasonably and periodically. Because of frequent nail art, there are many people who suffer from onychomycosis, so I hope Everyone should maintain their real nails while maintaining their nails.