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How to remove fake nails


How to remove fake nails

How to remove fake nails? Many beauty-loving girls like to get fake nails, but often they do n’t know how to remove them. The following experience provides some small methods for everyone.


Use various liquids to soak: The method is very simple, just find a bottle cap or small cup, and apply the liquid to soak your nails. Most sisters think this is the easiest way, such as nail polish remover, pen wash, nail wash, salt water, hot water, and so on. My feeling is that it sounds easy but not good. If you are using crystal nail polish remover water or nail remover water, it will have some effect. It can make fake nails soft, but it has no effect on nail polish. No matter what blisters you use, you still need tools to get your fake nails off.


Pros: No pain.


Disadvantages: The use of chemical liquids can hurt nails, the cost of the liquid is high, and the use of hot water and saline for a long time. General effect    


Use a tool to pry (scrape) down: The method is to use the side of the steel needle that is usually squeezed by the younger sisters, insert it from the loose part of the nail at the root of the nail, and then scrape it along the nail. This method is the fastest method, and it is also the most commonly used method at outside nail stalls. But I am particularly annoying !! Because it is really painful, the damage to the nails is the most obvious !! My feeling is that the fingers are connected with my heart. Shaved off.


Pros: Fast


Disadvantages: pain, damage to nail surface


File grinding: The method is to use a file with relatively high friction to thin or lighten the nails or crystal nails. In this process, it is relatively easy to remove fake nails with the help of a nail clipper. But you need to have enough time and patience. The best file to choose is the black one for general nail art, which is not good-looking but very practical. This file is not suitable for repairing natural nails and has too much friction. Manicure is perfect. The patterned files sold outside look good, but they are not durable, and the grit on them disappears after a few uses. The file on the nail clipper and the four-sided polished file for manicure are not sufficiently abrasive and can be tiring.


Advantages: No pain, little damage to nails


Cons: Long time and patience


Note: If there are wounds or barbs on the fingertips, it is better not to use liquid bubbles, which will hurt the wound and not bad. When filing with a file, you need to pay attention. Don't file your real nails, but also pay attention to the damage caused by rubbing the skin.