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What are the ways of nail art?


What are the ways of nail art?

Before the appearance of nail polish, women used henna to dye their nails to achieve the effect of nail art. There have been many ways to develop nail art. You can do it by painting, you can also apply nail polish, and of course, you can paste fake nails. One of the most trouble-free is sticking fake nails. Let ’s take a look at fake nails.


First, the classification of fake nails


Fake nails are divided into: crystal nails and patch nails


1.Crystal nails


Spread crystal powder on your original nails and slowly stretch it out. After drying, fix it to the shape you want. But crystal nails have been made for a long time, and your own nails will become softer and easier to break, so it is not recommended.


2.Patch nails


It is a transparent plastic sheet in the shape of a nail. Judging by the growth rate of your nails, some nails grow about a month, so fake nails are obvious after two weeks. Use this if your nails are very slow.


How to use fake nails


1.The colored fake nails must be yes. When the stickiness is not good, there is a tendency to have air bubbles. In order not to hurt the nails and remove them, apply a thick transparent nail polish on the nails. Repeat a few times. After the nail polish is completely dry, stick the fake nails with glue and you're done. If you don't want it, just soak it in nail polish water, because it will easily fall off if you have nail polish underneath.


2 Double-sided adhesive can be used, the quality is better, otherwise it is easy to drop.


The above is the introduction of nail art methods, the classification of fake nails and the use of fake nails. Among the many manicure methods, Xiaobian recommends sticking fake nails, because it is convenient and fast, and the damage to the nails is still small. I hope Xiaobian's introduction can help everyone.