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Does using a nail file hurt your nails?


Does using a nail file hurt your nails?

Manicures become "destroying nails" In some nail shops, the towels, nail files, and tweezers used by the previous customer were put into the toolbox without disinfection, and the next customer would continue to use them. Nail files are indispensable for nails. Do you use too many nail files to hurt your nails?


In this regard, a professor said that these tools need to adopt a variety of disinfection methods, disinfection with hot water or alcohol alone is not enough to kill the fungus, and is easily infected with ringworm, onychomycosis, paronychia, hepatitis and other diseases. Nail polish contains a chemical called phthalate, which mainly softens. However, this substance can enter the body through the respiratory system and skin, and excessive use is harmful to the body.


At the same time, when attaching crystal nails to the nails, it is necessary to use a nail file to file off the small skin at the root of the nail, or push the small skin back with a file, which may easily cause inflammation of the paronychia. In severe cases, the front of the fingers may become thick and deformed. Frequent nail art can also cause the nail color to become darker and grayer, so you have to cover it with thick nail polish. Such a vicious cycle will hurt the original surface layer of the nail like a tooth surface glaze, causing the nail to break and break easily.


So, how to minimize the damage of nails? Nail files suggest that it is best to bring a set of manicure tools to reduce the spread of fungi. At the same time, try to choose some better and larger beauty salons.


In addition, when doing nails, supplement your body with enough calcium and minerals in time to make the nails less affected; if you do nail extensions, such as crystals, phototherapy nails, etc., you must do it at intervals. Pregnant women try to avoid nail art.