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How much do you care for your nails


How much do you care for your nails

Isn't there a saying "the hand is the second face of a woman"? Since it is the second face, it will be maintained from time to time. In addition to the palms of the fingers, the most important position is the nails. Women like nail art very much. To what extent is your nail care?


1. Nail clippers are often used to trim nails so that the nails are not long or short. It looks like the length is just right. If it is a boy, cut it out. No one would like a boy with long nails. Women and men are also fundamentally different.


2. Soak the hand bowl; How to use: Pour the hand soak solution or warm water into the soak hand bowl, soak the left hand first, and change the right hand after five minutes. This can clean the nails and soften the finger skin. Note: Do not put cold water or too hot water in the soaking bowl. The temperature of the water should be appropriate, and the temperature should be as constant as possible, so that the nails are comfortable.


     3. The third is a nail file. Some people do n’t clean their nails after cutting. In fact, this is wrong. You need to use a nail file to repair the nails, especially girls, to remove those bad edges. Also make your nails look better.